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Co404 is a place for co-creating, community building, finding your tribe and getting your work done. Full of adventures, exploring, cultural experiences and expanding your horizon.

We had this vision of creating something that was so much more than just a co-living and co-working space and that’s exactly what it has become.

We are travellers first, remote workers second and passionate about creating communities third. We met in the hostel-verse volunteering together and after dabbling in online work, decided to open our own hostel geared towards online workers. 

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One of the co-owners, Laurens, talking about 404. How it came to be and what's to come.

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He left Belgium to travel in 2017 and never looked back. From picking cherries in Australia to starting his own travel clothing brand, Laurens has done it all. One consistent theme though is community building. He loves bringing people together and sharing stories. Don’t try to tell him yours before his first cup of coffee though.

30 · Belgium · 🌍 27/195


A female Mexican that has travelled the world, sadly they are kind of hard to come by. But we have one! Joss is also the creative brain of the 3. She has a keen eye for design and a clear vision of what she wants. Sometimes that’s high end rustic furniture and sometimes that’s drunk karaoke in a shady bar. The Latina is strong in this one and you’ll love it!

30 · Mexico · 🌍 9/195


Always up for anything and that’s kind of how he went into this adventure as well. Let’s start a co-living space, why not? A fun side gig that quickly grew into a full blown passion project. You would never expect it when you talk to him but he is actually our CFO. Depending on his mood that means Chief Financial Officer or Chief Fun Officer.

34 · USA · 🌍 29/195



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Here you’ll meet like minded people not just holidaying but living the travel lifestyle long term. We motivate each other to focus on work but we mostly know how to have a whole lot of FUN!