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"I cannot thank you enough for creating a family who takes care of each other. It was irreplaceable to me"

Expect to be taken on adventures by our community right from the get go. You’ll be added to our community chat and introduced to everyone in our little family. If you have any questions or problems we’ll be there for you, if you want to add to our fun, feel free to organise your own activities and invite us along. Community really is the heartbeat of Co404.

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At 404 we want everyone to feel welcome and right at home as soon as they arrive. 

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Movie nights
Sunrise hikes
Family dinners
Dance nights
Day trips
Exploring restaurants & bars
Family bonfires
Yoga practice
Playing FIFA & board games
Sunset drinks
Cooking classes

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The Co404 volunteers are a varied bunch of fun-loving, community-building, adventure-seeking human beings that all bring their own strengths to the Co404 experience.

Co404 works with a volunteering model. Our staff are travellers and nomads just like you. This is not just a job to them, they too want to have fun and explore with like minded people. That’s why they are the best at creating fun experiences and organising out of the ordinary activities for our extraordinary community.


that bring everyone together


My experience as a volunteer at Co.404 has been without a doubt once in a lifetime. I chose to volunteer at first as a tool to travel cheap, and never expected to encounter such amazing people. Co.404 is kinda special. I've traveled quite a bit and lived in several countries throughout the years but at Co.404 I had the best human connections. It was exactly what I needed at that time. Eclectic people, a chill and of course, a very lovely homey vibe. Unpretentious. My heart was full. I even extended my stay!

cami, france

volunteering experience

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To be honest: Volunteering here is fun. Surrounded by lovely, cosmopolitan people and a good atmosphere - that's all I want. Once a week they ask you to offer an activity. There are no limits to your creativity - loved it so much! Beside that, volunteering in San Cristóbal is definitely a very smart move if you love culture and nature. There is a lot to discover and to see in and around this beautiful and magical town! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to join the Co. 404 family while my travels. A time full of memories and cheerful moments.

rebekka, germany

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This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mexican culture. San Cristóbal has a beautiful mystic that you will come to love. There will be plenty of time to practice your Spanish and see all the lovely landscapes, which there are plenty of!!

Also, if you are a starting digital nomad, or you would like to become one, Co.404 is the perfect place to learn from everyone who works here and experience first hand how they do it. Connect with other digital nomads, some who have been doing this for years.

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